Feedback by past PINEA Residents on their experience during a PINEA residency.



I did the residency in February of 2018. For me, it was a unique experience of being outside of my usual routine. It allowed me to focus on a project without much distraction. I am pleased to say that the project I started working on in Rota received much praise and has been shown at several exhibitions in Canada and the United States. Also, It was wonderful to share the apartment with artists from other parts of the world. It feels amazing being surrounded by like-minded people with whom you can talk about art, chat about life, go out for tapas and vino. I would go back in a heartbeat!



I look back at my time as an artist in residence at Pinea A.I.R. as a gift. Each day was an exploration filled with new and exciting ideas and experiences. Traversing the streets, beaches, and forests of Rota, there was an inspiration at every turn. And with Pablo & Ro as my guides, the many moving parts of my artwork fell naturally into place. Through their generosity and the kindness of the community — willing to share their stories, perspectives and time — my stay in Rota took on warmth, and later a sentimentality, that I was unprepared for but gladly welcomed. Sharing in these moments along with me were my exceptionally talented fellow residents and Pinea’s stellar intern. Everyone went above and beyond to support one another. And I felt extremely fortunate. When I needed to location scout, they offered to join me. A test shoot. They were there. A film crew. An interpreter. They were there no matter the time of day. We saw the sunrise on one occasion, interviewing and filming the fishermen of Rota as they set out to sea. And we watched the sunset down the coastline daily (a habit I personally followed with a religious dedication that would later become a rather zen group activity). Without them, my work and overall experience would have been vastly different. My residency at Pinea provided many things. Time, beauty, support, friendship, and inspiration to name just a few. I’d like to express my gratitude to the people of Rota for their warmth and welcoming spirit. And many thanks again to Pablo and Ro for inviting me as a resident artist. It was an invaluable experience. Congratulations on your 5th anniversary and the many artful years to come!



Last year around this time, I was in the middle of working on the most ambitious project of my artistic career while also going through a major change in my personal life.  I lived and worked at Pinea A.I.R. for the months of August and September after packing up my life back in the U.S. in my studio, and headed to New Zealand for another residency program for the month of October: these two locations are antipodal locations, meaning they are the farthest points on Earth from each other. The changing tides and light conditions were crucial for the work that I was doing at the time about time, place, and space as you can see in the video piece. I also started making sculptural paintings that mimic accordion books where they were half completed in Spain and then completed in New Zealand to form one unifying whole. In addition to my art production while in Rota, Spain, I must say the communal living with other artists was one of the most rewarding experiences of the residency: discussing each other’s ideas and work, communing and eating together, and forming lifelong friendships. I remember the residency experience fondly and would love to go back sometime in near future.



My time in Rota was really special. The natural landscape and surrounds were so stunning and such a great source of inspiration, that really formed the work I created. I felt the people who I connected with during my time in Rota really made this residency so special for me. To have the opportunity to share my practice and love of movement with the local community was incredible and such a joyous experience. Also, the artists I lived with during my month at PINEA A.I.R. had such a huge impact on my work. Even though we were all from very different places, I felt that myself and the three other artists, really connected and learned so much from each other. I made friendships that will last forever. I feel so fortunate to have been an artist in residence at PINEA A.I.R., it is an experience I will treasure always. Thank you so much, Pablo and Ro and the PINEA Community!



My experience at Pinea Artist Residency was incredible.  I arrived a week late and found my colleagues already hard at work.  With the help of Pablo and Ro, I was able to find materials, set up a studio space, and begin my projects.  Ideas came fast, inspired by the artists I was working with, the charming people of Rota, and the stunning landscape that surrounded our living and working quarters.  In the end, with the help of my fellow resident artists, and encouraged by the graciousness of the city, I was able to create and exhibit two sculptures.  Pinea, for me, was a special place that provoked new concepts, stirred the desire to make work, and allowed those motivations to come into being.



Tras dos meses como artista en residencia en dos contextos tan dispares como Finlandia (en Korpo, en AARK (donde pasé el mes de agosto 2016) y España (durante septiembre 2016 en Rota, en Pinea), desarrollé mi proyecto titulado Mundos Paralelos, un proyecto donde quería mostrar mi visión sobre dos mundos simultáneos que se cruzan en mis recuerdos. Un mundo paralelo es aquel que tiene sus propias dimensiones de espacio y de tiempo. Puede ser un universo engendrado por fenómenos físicos hipotéticos o, en las obras de ficción, por una modificación arbitraria de un acontecimiento. Eran los principios de un ample trabajo hablando de la idea de laberintos y de coexistencias entre los mundos por medio de diversas estrategias como la fotografía, el dibujo o la video-proyección. Trabajar en la residencia de Pinea me ayudó a encontrar dos elementos muy importantes en el proceso de la creación, es decir el hecho de estar alejado de la atmosfera habitual y también de tener un lugar que permite estímulos creativos. La tranquilidad esta ofrecida por la naturaleza fenomenal y la paz del pueblo de Rota. De la otra parte; el equipo de la residencia se preocupa mucho de facilitar la realización del proyecto final de residencia, es decir una exposición en el mercado de la Merced. Recomendó mucho este programa de residencia.



The residency was a great opportunity for me to investigate my own and the collective routs of Sephardic ancestry. Living with other artists in the same space turned out to be a gift and an inspiring experience, to share thoughts and ways to look at creation. The exhibition was exciting and a chance to meet local artists, hearing about art in Andalucia and hearing stories and thoughts from people who visited the show (For me, it was touching to hear from locals that they knew the texts in Ladino that I was using in my work).



Days with PINEA residency were among the best days for my artistic creation so far. The ever-changing coastline of Rota was a wonderful balance between work and indulgence. For someone who has never lived long out of an urban context, the time, space, and freedom I enjoyed from the programme appeared to be pure luxury. Working alone is usually at once the best and worst for me, but Pablo, Ro, and my fellow resident artists created an inspiring and encouraging environment for me to simply go ahead. The result was all about fun and surprise.



Participar en una residencia de artistas es siempre una experiencia total que te lleva a salir de tu zona de confort y a confrontar diferentes realidades. Por esta razón, es importante encontrar un entorno adecuado donde residir, donde exista la calma y la tranquilidad necesarias para poder escuchar y trabajar en tus proyectos. Mi experiencia en Pinea fue excelente y muy feliz y tengo muchos buenos recuerdos. Pablo y Ro me dieron una cálida bienvenida, y pude usar un espacio perfecto para mis necesidades. La residencia estaba justo en el centro de la ciudad de Rota, realmente una posición estratégica para mi proyecto sobre la identidad de la provincia de Cádiz. Pablo y Ro me guiaron y me dieron buenos consejos sobre dónde ir a buscar fotos para mi proyecto. Compartir mi estancia con otros artistas dentro de esta experiencia fue otro valor agregado. Pablo y Ro eligieron artistas válidos y estimulantes para dialogar y compartir esta experiencia. Finalmente, me gustó mucho la forma en que se organizó la exposición final y el entorno que se creó. Gracias Pablo y Ro por esta fantástica experiencia.



Wind rolling in, hair licking my face. Every night the sun melts into the water and the sea rearranges the sand.

My time at Pinea A.I.R. was a solitary and meditative experience for me. Choosing to attend the residency in January gave me a look at a coastal, tourist town from the other side. The work I produced reflected this calm and focused experience Pablo and Ro were very helpful and accommodating when we installed our work for the concluding exhibition. Ensuring each of us was able to realise our own interpretations of Rota in a professional and friendly environment.



I spend 2 wonderful months at Pinea A.I.R. in Early 2016. Right away I felt inspiration from the friendly people and the beautiful beach. It was truly an unforgettable experience.

Most of all I will remember the friends I made during my stay. Pablo and Ro are very passionate about art and their city; their passion fueled my creativity. My fondest memories were of having a delicious homemade dinner at the studio space, accompanying them to local art exhibitions and our trip to the Jerez Flea market!

Thank you for the experience!



Rota, I still remember the seas and passionate people who live there, go to the beach at any time, choose a small restaurant to have a drink, eat a Tapas and then go back to the studio to create, and you can relax at night. Walking to the beach, sitting quietly on the beach watching the sunset. What a perfect day it is! When I knew the fifth anniversary of the residency program, it seems like the sea of  Rota was clear in front of my eyes, as if I heard the voices of the football boys on the beach, and the food that evokes my memories, and the ones I have seen again and again s sunset when sitting beside the sea.



During my one-month stay in Pinea A.I.R., I met amazing artists there and have learnt a lot from them.

Having an experience of living just next to the beach is unforgettable, and I miss the days I can walk through the beach with ice cream on my hand.

I did a project in Rota and invite locals to join, I'm grateful for enthusiastic people who shared their thoughts and experience with me. 

As a celebration of Anniversary show, my work is a GIF file with a photograph I took when I was a kid (more than 20 years ago) with neon light bulbs animation. If there is a space to store all good memories, the one in my photograph and the one from Rota would be there.


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